Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Sister

Me and My Sister, Nicole

I have to say... I have the most creative sister in the world. She has such vision when it comes to decorating, re-doing furniture, and creating different pieces that can be displayed in your house. She can look at a piece of furniture that someone has thrown away and tell it has the potential to be a beautiful piece for the house. She takes it and transforms it. It is a sight to see. I often have a hard time seeing the possible potential of some of these pieces. She will describe everything see wants to do and explains how she is going to do it. I think to myself, not sure if that is going to work. I truly believe my sister has a place in the world of decorating and creating pieces for people's homes. I have posted just a few pictures of her fabulous work.

ugly old couch

railheads added for detail with the white leather fabric

new fabric on old couch

New and improved couch. cushions are not done yet.
 Metal Country French Bar Stools

Country French meets Industrial Chic

bed headboard handmade. Navy blue velvet fabric with railheads

White slip covers for chair and couch were dyed orange, pillows made by sister

Kids couch in playroom. Couch was white

My sister took pieces of wood from our parent's old fence, measured, cut to fit and nailed each one to the wall.


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