Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Louie the dog

Luis "Louie" Salazar Cuellar is our Australian Shepherd/ Hound dog. He is not even a year old and is seventy pounds and growing. He is handsome but a hand full. I am glad we adopted him in Feb (2011) from the Humane Society in Fort Worth. I didn't think Eli and I would get a dog until years down the road or after having a kid. Plans can change. I know a dog is an animal but Louie (in my eyes) has prepped us for the responsibilities of a child. Let me explain: feeding, bathing, potty training, dropping/picking up at doggy day camp, and etc..I know it may sound silly but it is true. Now, I can see how some people consider their pets their children. Anywho, Louie has been a great addition to our Cuellar Family and looking forward to many more years with this fool!

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